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Founders; George & the late Marlys Johnson

George & the late Marlys Johnson


My late wife and I founded this company with a strong moral base absent in our competitors today. That same "moral base" still exists within me, as it did then and I'm back with a vengeance for the good of the unborn children. Please support my return, contributions to this movement and patronize my business on this journey to instill a positive path for the next generation of God's precious infants.

As George Johnson, most people know me as "The Pro-Life Check Guy." My late wife Marlys and I got into the Pro-Life business when our last child graduated from high school. We were sailing on the S.S. Norway on a Bill Gaither Trio cruise whom sponsored the voyage. The first evening at dinner, a gentleman across the table was wearing a Precious Feet Pin. Marlys noted it with interest and questioned him about it. He gave it to her as a gift and explained its meaning. Prior to this, I had been printing novelty bank checks with designs of planes, trains, fire engines and others for decades under the company I founded "Michigan Printers" before anyone else. After research, I discovered no company or Printing Business would touch anything related to a Pro-Life message. I took the BOLD step; started a check line and amended my check business to include Pro-Life Checks. No one else had that courage to take a stand on the issues until I came along. Money trumped above everything else, companies did not want to alienate any of their existing customers and no one wanted anyone to create a universal connection to articulate how they felt about these issues, not even in a subtle way. We decided to make that move where Angels feared to tread by introducing PRO-LIFE CHECKS!

A bold place where no other check printer had ever gone before. In the early eighties, with the help and advice of Virginia and Ellis Evers of Heritage House, who created the Precious Feet Pin, we started this division featuring "bank checks with a Pro-Life message" eventually establishing them as the designs as "Life Checks." You've probably met us at Pro-Life Conferences around the United States as we work hard promoting "Saving The Unborn" by and through our pro-life check messages, promotions and marketing campaigns.

Marlys volunteered weekly at the 'Chicago Crisis Pregnancy Center' and did so for five years. In February of 1991 Marlys was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ovarian cancer and had a hysterectomy. In November of 1992 another cancerous tumor was discovered and removed. Thereafter, she was free of cancer for nearly six years. In the fall of 1998 a CAT scan brought sad news disclosing cancer and another surgery followed. At this time in our complexed lives, "Check Gallery" expressed a desire to purchase Life Checks I created. I knew it was the right thing to do at that time. I sold it to take care of my beloved Marlys. We enjoyed several years together before the Lord called her home August of 2002.

After my loss, I Got Back on track and subscribed to several far-left magazines to update myself and see if potential business competitors had warmed up to the "Pro-Life" movement agenda or what direction they were headed to. Shocked and Dismayed and dragging my behind off the floor, I discovered Check Gallery bought "Message Checks" and began printing custom checks for Planned Parenthood, NARAL, The ACLU and various Gay and Lesbian organizations. It wasn't long before I noticed ADS bragging that Message Checks was giving back to these groups over $500,000.00 a year in royalties. We were heartbroken but there was nothing we could do. In 2004 the non-compete clause in my seller's contract expired. I pondered on what to do next and how to intercept this misguided path of destruction that will affect future generations and swiftly recover from this "regrettable error" in life made during a complex rough time. The damage was done, they are no "do overs in life." However; I will pledge to continue to fight for the unborn and uplift this "Movement."

April of 2005, Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics became aware of the situation, and investigated Check Gallery and its divisions, researching all their information from the Internet. They learned and disclosed that more than HALF MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR IN CHARITABLE FUNDS received and THE "PRO-LIFE" movement receives nothing!

Nothing was being given back! Crutcher called it.

"The Life Check Scandal." SOURCE:

God ultimately pulled the door all the way open, shoved me through in a mighty way and more doors opened to attend Pro-Life conferences; then I found myself back in the trenches. For a brief business moment, I licensed another supplier to market a re-designed check and that did not fit our brand; it was a "business disaster!" I articulated my grave concern and we parted ways ASAP and no longer business partners. This is not the business for financial gain! This is a "Pro-Life Movement" with a mission and a message; saving the unborn!

I've "re-evented myself, re-designed my website and INTRODUCED A NEW CHECK LINE called the "New Life Series" and I'm back at the helm. I would appreciate your continued business and support! Entrust me with your business and I won't let you down. I am a member of The National Pro Life Religious Council and affiliated with many Pro-Life groups.

Respectfully, for the Un-Born
George Johnson a.k.a. The Pro-Life Check Guy
P.S. God has given me a new helpmate named Jane [the new Mrs. Johnson].
I look forward to introducing you to my new wife in the very near future.

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